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Financial Security

We are required by both UK and Austrian Package Travel and Holiday Regulations, which put into force the EU-Directive into UK and Austrian national law, to provide security for the monies that you pay in advance for your ski trip and for your repatriation in the unlikely event of our insolvency. Team4 Travel GmbH is licensed and bonded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs for each and every passenger it carries by air or surface and is required by them and/or ABTA to publish the following additional information:

Austrian government: Business and tour operator licence details  autority; City council of Innsbruck, Gisa-code 212 64 597

Bank Guarantor/ Hedger providing the security: Bank für Tirol & Vorarlberg AG, Stadtforum, 6020 lnnsbruck, Austria

Liquidator/ Administrator in Austria, acting on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, in respect of refunds and repatriation: Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG, Kratochwjlestraße 4, A-1220 Vienna; 24 hour per day contact numbers: Tel 0043 1 3172500 · Fax 0043 1 3199367 · info@europaeische.at

All the package holidays in this brochure are financially protected and comply with ABTA's financial criteria for membership.